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The Single Best Strategy To Use For social listening agency

Four reasons why agencies should employsocial listening

2020isan era of radical change.It is becoming increasingly clear that the brandsweare familiar with and trustare beingaskedto take a more meaningfulpart in shaping the societythat welive in.

Today more than ever,agenciesneed a better wayto listen.Inourlatest industry report,agencies that use social listeningcan help their clients generatemore value, understandtheirmarketand createbetterwork.In contrast, agencies who decidetodo nothingareleft to rely onusual heuristicsby themselves.

Stillnot convinced?Here are four reasons why youragencyshould invest in social listeningright now.

1. Finding valuable consumer insights

Intoday’s world of constant connectivity businesses mustbeattentive to their customers requirements, goals,and preferences.

In this case, thetop-rated topiconthe digital marketing agency hk report wasthe interactionbetweenconsumer insights and brands.Consumers voice their frustrations thatagenciesare in a position to address as they becomemoreactive than ever before.

Conversation Clustersa user-friendly datavisualization toolthat will help youimmediately discover, comprehend,andunderstand the context ofany subject with just aglance.

Equipped with social listeningdata, agencies can helptheirclients to buildgreater, more meaningful relationshipswith their customers.

Social listeningaids agencies in findingthe data that will givethem anedge.It could provide asolution tothe unexplored demographics or a fresh perspectiveon a product to supportthe creation of a compelling pitch.

For one agency, it was a cleverreaction to a trend of lockdowns.Through tapping into the massivesuccess of the videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Ogilvy Toronto delivered oneof the most powerfulcollaborations ofthisyear.for five weeks, game playerswere ableto trade their turnips –one ofthe most valuable elements of the gameas food items – for real food(asum of $20,000 worth).

Ultimately, agencies that use social listening to gather consumer insights are better placed to frame their client’s goods and services in a contextually-relevant way.

2.More accuratemeasurement

Prior to the advent ofsocial media in the past, most advertisingand communication companies relied onbasic metrics like sales in orderto measure the effectivenesson their programs.While there’s nothing fundamentallywrong with thatapproach,it can be a bitofa blunt instrument.

In the present, agencies requiremore sensitive ways to modelandmeasure the valuetheygenerate fortheir clients.Paying attention to social mediaallows your agency to have morecontrolof client campaigns,with instant feedback from multipleinteraction points.You can also segment stratify, categorize, and prioritizechannels thatgive themost valuable data you require.

Forinstance, you can getan overviewthat shows the impact of ancampaign hashtag, hashtag,ortalk point withan engagementmeasure likepotential reach.After that, you canlook deeper.The ability to zero inon valuable streams of dataof data fromFacebook, Instagram, Twitter (plusmany otheroffline sources)can give you an extensiveunderstanding of what customers thinkabout your clients and creative.

It is possible to find outthose who are speaking andmost importantly, howtheyconsider your clientswith a solution such as an analysis of the sentiments, can bea wonderfulway to demonstrate how effective the processoffeedback via social mediacan aid agencies in staying proactive.Our study on industry research foundan unambiguous correlation betweenfavorable sentiment of an adcampaign such as Nike’s “You’ll Neverstop Us’ adand the sentiment for the companyresponsible for its creation, forinstance(Wieden+Kennedy).

Topic analyticswill allow you to seeconnections between subjects, providingyou an impressive visual waytoshow important connections.

3. Crisis management

The voice of the consumer is louderthanthey ever have been.The voice of the consumercan be heard throughout the worldinreal-time.

As you would expect,crisis management is an integralcomponent of social listening.Agencies that detect problems whentheyoccur will have an edgeover theircompetitors.They alsodefend their clients better.

An effective social listening strategyhelps agencies in a wholearray of emergency management situations.The complaints of defective products can becomereal-time conversations that address problems, gather information, andfix negative feedback.Changes in public opinion that are suddenare now manageable.Feedback on creatives that have not been well received becomesa guide to adjust onor, inmore serious instances seek a new direction.

In the end, social listening can helpagenciesbe the guardians of thebrands theyworkwith. Ithelps keep clients informedof difficulties they mightnot have noticed, and also provides theinformation required to planan intelligent and well-plannedresponse, as a team.

4. Competitive intelligence

Our report on the agency industry looked atthemarket’s challengesin 2020.As the pandemic forces globaleconomies intouncertainty, agencies are increasinglylooking for new ways to innovateandsucceed. Competitive intelligence isone ofthem. Inessence, social listening tools lets youget into the most importantconversationspeople don’t talk aboutyou.

Yourcompetitors havetheir own strategies and systemsto achieve success.Just likeyou, they’veput intime and money building them.With social listening, agenciescan participate in discussionsabout how and whydifferent brands are successful:

  • What’s driving the viralityof aparticularcampaign?

  • How do brands harnessspecific media to makethemostimpact?

  • What are you comparing yourselfon the other side of the coin?

Through a successfulsocial listeningplatform and a competitive intelligence platform, you can have iteasily integrated into your go-tomarketstrategy. Without it youwill be forced to make decisionswith no informationto navigate an ever-changingworld.And ifDarwinhad any lesson to teach us is that onlyorganisms that adaptendure.

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