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How to Install a Vinyl Fence

You and your family will feel secure and private. Fences are also strong design elements that can define a home’s exterior appearance. It can be hard to install and maintain fences. Wood fences have a beautiful appearance but are very difficult to maintain. Some untreated lumber like cedar could be left as is to turn streaky and silver-gray. This can cause homeowners to dislike the look. PVC Fencing Jeffrey’s bay The neat look of painted fences gives your home a clean, tidy appearance. However, it can be difficult to paint them as they age.

Vinyl fencing is the perfect solution. Vinyl fences are highly durable, low-maintenance, and attractive. Vinyl fences can be left unpainted and treated because the vinyl is infused with their color. They are able to maintain their color year-round, even if they have been painted.

The basics of building a vinyl fence

Vinyl fences are made up of interlocking components. Make sure you have all necessary components for the complete kit before you buy. Vinyl fences don’t allow for any improvisation so make sure you have everything needed to complete the project.

Vinyl Picket Fences

PVC Fencing Port Elizabeth Vinyl picket fences have anchor pipes which are driven into place by a sledgehammer. Hollow posts slide over the anchor pipes like sleeves. Two anchor pipes create a section that can hold one fence panel. There is one rail at bottom and one rail above the top. Additionally, there are multiple pickets that run through both rails.

Vinyl privacy fences

Vinyl privacy fence posts that are six feet tall must be concrete-anchored to the ground, just like traditional four-by-four posts. These posts do not slide over an anchor pipe; they are sunk directly into the concrete. A fence panel comes pre-assembled. It is one unit that does not require assembly.

Codes and Regulations

You may need to obtain a permit before building your fence. Once the work has been completed, an inspector will inspect the site to close out the permit. All work must comply with local building codes. Consider legal issues like easements or zoning. Your local permitting agency can give you advice on setback regulations and local zoning which affect fence construction.

When is Vinyl Fence Best Built?

You will have difficulty digging the holes for a privacy fence or driving the anchor pipes to a picket fence if the ground is frozen. Wait until the ground has thawed before starting construction.

Fence Safety

Your local utility location should be called whenever you dig in your property. This will allow you to find the location of underground services like water, gas, or electrical lines. PVC Fencing East London These services will also be marked with color-coded paint that eventually fades.

What You’ll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Shovel or post-hole digger
  • Twine and wood stakes
  • Bubble level
  • Tape measure
  • Sledgehammer
  • Cordless drill
  • Circular saw


  • Vinyl picket and privacy fence set
  • Quick-set concrete
  • Filler gravel

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