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Top off-white dress Secrets

While we are thinking of the word clothes, all kinds of fabrics in all dimensions and shapes float through our minds. But, when it comes to going somewhere every outfit doesn’t seem to be rightThere’s a fear of mismatching a weird top with your favorite jeans, or you are unable to find the right pair of shoes for that adorable skirt! Ladies, this article can be the answer to your worries about casual attire. All you have to do is to put your clothes on and goIt’s simpleFor starters, we believe these three casual dresses for women may just be the answer you are searching for.

Grey Casual Dress with Full Sleeve Fun

Have you planned to go out with your friends for some window shopping and have an easy evening? We suggest the gray casual gown with full sleeves as the perfect dress for your special eveningFind your comfortable level to the next level with these loosely fitting hand -embroidered cotton fabric.

Don’t be deceived by the loose fit as it perfectly sits on your shoulders and ends right at your ankles. The most striking feature of this dress is the balloon sleeves which allow room for your arms while looking fashionable at the samePair this cute, girly number with a pair of your most loved sneakers and you’re good to go!

Yellow Casual Wear for a Playful Twist

Are you planning a brunch with your relatives or catching up with old acquaintances? We think this geometric yellow collared dress can be the perfect attire! The upper portion of the shirt, along with quarter sleeves, gives this casual dress a styled look.

The fun begins with the A-line skirt that is part of this dress. The adorable frills that surround the skirt give volume to the pleats. The dress is sewn just below your bust line, which highlights your waist and the skirt makes it appear longer to the overall appearance. If you want to take things up a notch go with a pair of cute heels or plain sneakers can work just fine.

Tassels and Braided Belt for a Casual Wear? Oh Yes!

You’re in the mood of wearing something traditional but aren’t ready to do it all? This look could be your solutionIt doesn’t matter if it’s a nighttime walk with your closest friend or a quick stop at your grandparents’ home the casual off-white dress is the one we suggest.

What we love most the most about this dress its delicateness with the double layered fabric. It’s obvious why! The golden vertical stripes and the horizontal gold finish at the hemline of this dress gives the whole outfit an authentic traditional feelNot to miss the knotted belt with tassels that adds an ethnic boho look to it. If you want to be elegant and chic for your outing, then this outfit is a must-have in your wardrobe. Wear this gorgeous dress with your classic juttis, or flats with earrings with tassels to complete the style!

At Terquois each piece is hand-embroidered and made with passionOur designs are designed to meet your casual outerwear or workwear needsThis was just a little glimpseof what we have, but there is so many more options at our website.

Liked anything from this listWant to share with us what you’re planning to wear with you next look from the assortmentWrite us a note below and let us in on your ideas for casual dresses!

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