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Detailed Notes on what kind of man does a woman looking for

Some women are very selectiveandpreferspecificmales based on their looks orweight, financial status,and race. what kind of man does a woman want ?

But, the majority ofwomenhave what I callan Open Type which meansthey areopen to beingwithmen of different kindsprovided that theydraw her attentionto him forother reasons(e.g.He is charming, charismaticand confident.

This is the reason you’llhave guys withlook average or less than averagewithbeautifulladies, or guyswho don’t even have ajobthat includes a hotgirlfriend.You will also seewomengetting marriedorwith menofall races.

The Ultimate Kind of Man

Themost desirable kindof man, that nearly allwomenlikeisagood guy who:

  • She is confidentaround her as well aswith other people.
  • is masculine in the waysthe way he thinks, feelsandconducts his daily life(i.e.He is morefocused on finding thesolutionto a problem rather thanengaging emotionally likea woman.
  • Will loveherunconditionally and loveherasshetruly is at the core, rather than constantlytrying toalter herorget her to bemore like him.
  • Is able toguide both himself and herto deeper feelings of love and affectionover time, rather thanthinking that she’ll staywith him all the time justbecauseit felt good atthebeginning.
  • Has purpose in direction in life (i.e.He is driven and hasa clear vision of hisfuture.
  • Unflappable in love,not ashy or insecureperson.

All Men Are able to Actively AttractWomen

While certain men are bornwith moreappealing looksthan others,itdoesn’t mean they can’t attractwomen being confident, displaying aan masculine lookwhich makes womenlook feminine orlaughing, beingcharismatic and charming, etc).

Thetruthabout attraction is thatthe majority ofwomen (not all) are moreattractedandattracted to howan individual’s personality, manner of conductandinner qualities make herfeelthan on howhe looks.

There arewomen whoare only looking foran attractive man but the majoritywomen aremore what kind of man does a woman looking for  of manthey will accept.

Watch this video to discoverthe way that women’s attraction tothe man actually worksandhow you canutilizeit tobecome the typeof man women are looking for…

The video belowwillshowthe different typesof men women feel attractedtoare available in varioussizes, shapesand races.

In fact, allthefollowing type of mencould attract womenevenif they don’t have malemodels looks, a lotof money, or aren’ttall.

  • An alpha male.
  • Amysterious man.
  • Man with charm.
  • An overweight man.
  • Ashort man.
  • Aman with a bald head.
  • An uglyman.

The truth is thatnot all men arealike.

The men in question don’t haveidenticalclothes and listen to thesame songs, or enjoytheexact same lifestyle.

When it comesto thequestion ,“Whatkindsofmen are women attracted to?” what youought tobeasking yourself is,“Howdo I convincewomen tofall in love withme?”

Why?It doesn’t actually matter ifwomenloveyou as a person , andthink thatyou’rean honest person withgood intentions.

It’sa good ideabeing kindto women,butit’s not all that importanttothem unless you make herfeel attracted.

Beingnice to her isn’t thething that makes her feelattracted to you.If youwish to make her feelattracted to you, it’sall aboutdisplaying the personality traitsandactionsthatnaturally attract women.

Example: A woman canfeel attracted to you ifyouare able to make her laugh, are confident and charming and also havea masculine vibe.

Ifyou’re nervous whenyou meet womenandyou keep quietdue to fear ofmakingthe wrong jokes you will make her feel upsetandbe less likely tolaugh at you.

Attraction isthe firstandforemost. Everything elseis natural.

Ifyou want to bethekind of man thatwomenlike, you muststart offby making a womanfeel attractedto your character whenyouinteract withher.

If youcan make a womanfeel attracted,she willbe morewilling to havean affair with your partner,and maybe even becomingyourpartner.

For instance: Ifa guy is passionateabout football and the womanthat he meets hatesfootball,itisn’t a guarantee that she won’twish to have a relationshipwith him or becomehisgirlfriend or maybeget married to him one day.

Minor orsuperficialdifferences, such as differingpreferences for music or other lifestylepreferences, aren’t a big dealto the majority of women aslong asthey’re able to satisfytheprimary elementof sexual attraction.

Infact when a woman entersinto a relationshipwith aman who enjoysfootball,she’ll most likelybekeen to attendgames with him or watchcertain games on TV tobe able to spendtime with him.

She doesn’thaveto be asoccer fanlikehim, but she canembrace his passion and be happy withit for what it is, as it’ssomething that makes him smile.

WhatKind of Men DoMost Women Not Like?

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Thekinds of men thatmost women don’t likeare are:

  • Too nice.
  • Nervous or shy.
  • Lacking purpose and directioninlife.
  • Lackingcharisma and personality
  • A little arrogant or selfish.
  • Not having any Alpha male characteristics.

Thebest way to win withwomen is tobeadecentman, but also possess someballs.

Confident means that you are able tostand up for yourself in the event of needandhave the mental strengthtoconquer any challengelife throws your way.

But don’t forgetto be thegood person youalready are.

A lot of men are confused as towhat womenreally wantfrommen. If theymeet a woman who hasan unsatisfactory boyfriend They assumethe women in all of them want this.

Yes, there arewomen whoare looking for a badguy for a lover, orone of their partners, but the majorityguys aren’t like that, buttheycan stillget laid, getthe girl they want and eventually geta wife.

Why?The majority of women wantmen who have the couragetoconfrontthechallengesof life.

If a womanhasthe feeling that you are attractive,she will feel naturally attractedtoyouandhopethatyour conversation with her leadstokissing, sexrelationships, and ultimatelythe possibility of love.

It’s aseasy as that.

If you can drawwomenthat way and you’ll seethatyou are actuallythetype of manwomenwant to be around.

Yet, the reasonthat you were not getting resultspreviously was thatyouwere unabletoreally attract womenandentice themwhen youspoketothem.