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man loves it – An Overview

Are you looking to drivehim crazy inthe bedandspice upyoursexlifewith somesexual activity?This is your opportunity.All youhaveto do ismasterthese hot sex roleswe know men totally love.They usually spend a loton their bed to make suretheir girlfriend is happyandcontent with sex.Now is your timetoshow your appreciation.It is possible to reversethe roles andget your partneron board.Since sex-related positions play avery important role this list includes the most hotsex positions that men love.They’re not thecommon, boring missionsary positions.Learn more aboutthe details!

1.Top Woman

This isone of the positions thatnobody hates. man loves it This lets you be ontop and take the lead. men love this position woman takes the leadandis the dominant figure inthescene of sex.You’ll be jealousof the womanwho is in charge.Youare able to setthe paceaccording toyourpreferences, either sloworrapid.Keepthe playerin the dark.

2.The reversecowgirl’s role

best position for couples The reverse cowgirlposeisanother sex position mostmenlove.In thisposition the woman is atthe top of her head and sheis facingthemale.While it’s notthe use of a lot ofcontact with the eyes it, the gentle strokes canbe enough toget your partnerengaged.You can stillengage in eye contact if youwant, but you cansimply lookat yourpartnerandgive him a little spice.

3.The standing position

This can be perfected onlyafter acouple of tries.The standing position is whenthe twoof youare sitting andthe mancomes infrom behind.Thisposition is greattomake the mostofthekitchen.Simply bendforward and holdthekitchen’s counter while he gets intoyour body.


Thisposition permitslots of body contact which means it’s extremelyclose.You will need to laynext to the man.Your back willbe facingtheman , and hecan hold you tight.For a different option, you can turn alittle facing the man,so that he willlook at you duringsexual sex.

5.Lap Dance

It’shard to find someonewhodoesn’t enjoy sex atdifferent places.It is possible to pull outa wooden chair, andplace your manonthe chair.Youcan eitherface him or not,however, thiswill make your mafeel weak inknees.You will love being abletostraddle him and bein totalcontrol.The other benefit ofthisposition is that you canobserve your partnerand kiss himeverywhere.