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Auto Mate Systems Ltdoffer and install automatedsliding gatesthroughoutthe UK.These provide high security frompedestrian and vehicleentry 24 hours per dayandcan beutilized in conjunction with differentaccess control systems such asswipe cards, proximitycards, intercomsandradio transmitters.

Automatic sliding gates are themostpopular method of securingyour property with remotesurveillance cameras, where,forinstancethe gate(s)are operatedbyan CCTV monitoring station located inanother part of the country.automatic gateSliding gates aresafe by design, as thegateacts as a segmentof fencing andcan be moved to permit access.Theslider gatedoesn’t have athe naturalactivity fulcrum(as the hingesontheswing gatedo) thus it is unable tobeopened or rammedby a frontal force.

A sliding gateoperates bydriven racking(steel barwithsteel or nylon teeth cutorweldedwith a bar) and is drivenby a motor fitted withan geared cog that iscompatible to the teeth onthe driverack. It isessential to choosethe right motorto fit tothe gate and thatallows for the quantityoftasks thatthegate’s sliding mechanism is expectedtoaccomplishwithinonehour.Remember, sliding gatesnotfast moving devices therefore if you’re experiencingan influx of people at the startor end times,it’s worthwhile to consider holdingthat gate in place forshortperiods of time or placingthe gate eitherwith a timer, or controlledwith a specificaccess control withOurProjects team todeterminethe most appropriate and effectivesolution for your particular site.

Themotor selectiondetermines the type ofracking to be used forsliding gate’s manufacture. Nylonteeth, nylon, weldedwith a steel angle aremostly used for domesticgatesto ensure quiet running.automatic sliding gateMod4steel racking is employedon gate motors capablemovinggatesbetween 2600 and 2600 KG.Mod6 steelracking is designed forgateswith more weight andup to 6000kg. Auto Mate Systems Ltd. can advise youon the most suitable motorsize, size, and racking requirement. It alsoholds stock of all sizes.

The sliding gatecan be controlled usingdifferent types of access controlequipment,likethe digital keypad,buttons, radiosproximity or card swipe systems,number plate recognition, bio-metricreader photocell,an induction loop. It is also possible to activate the gatesrecently, through a mobile phoneconnection.

Whendeciding ondesigning a gateit iscrucial that attentionis given to safety issues.Automate Systems Ltd.Automate Systems Ltd, wecan provide complete adviceon every aspect of ensuringthe best type ofgateis installed to meetyour needs, and also ensuretop quality suppliesand installation. This includestest of force at the time ofthe commissioning.


The track-based sliding gatesare operated by a trackembedded into the road.Gates are constructed usinga strong , sturdy beam that is located atbottom of the gate,inside which aretwobearing wheels.These are mounted ontothe rail, which allowsan extremely heavygate tomove back andforwards without a hitch. Thisprovides the opportunity forthe gate’s design to bestrong and sturdy, allowingthe gate spans to beup to 12 metersand heights in excess of2.4meters.When coupled tothestrong support frame orportals, provides a verysturdy and securesliding gatesystem.

Theclearance areafor a tracked slidinggate isless thanthe required clearance for a cantileveredsliding gate. This is becausethe space for mounting theframe and motor willnotbe more than 1meters.garage doorsThis will give a totalrunback space ofgate’s opening, as well asan additional metre to accommodate thegate support and motor. Itis imperativethat the running track isfree of any obstacles and even.An upward slope couldnotjust forcethe motor towork harder than it maybe designed to do as well as poserisk of injuryshould it become necessaryfor the gate to be operated manually.All these aspects are partfor a sliding fencethatour highly qualified engineerswould discuss with yourwhilecreating your track-basedsliding gate.

We can offer:

  • Supply and installationof a fullyfunctionalandintegrated automaticsliding gatesystem.
  • The warranty is 12 months longforall installations.
  • The various levels of maintenance contractthat will meet your requirements(allwith competitive prices).
  • A design solution toyourspecific site.
  • Technical information and diagrams ofinstallations of cables for our devices.
  • A list of the products you will needto help you with yourdesign of your building.

To get a quoteon an automaticsliding gate system orobtain more information aboutourautomatic sliding gate systemsand other systemsyoumay beinterested in,pleasedo not hesitate to getcontact via phone, fax or email

It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercialor residentialone, ensuringsecurity isa top priorityof every property owner.You must have all the essentialand proper security systemsin your premises.

Since gates are the most importantpoint of entry and exit so, careful consideration must betaken when installing them. Modernsliding doors with auto-slidingarehighly sought-afterfor a wide rangeofresidences.A reliableAutomaticSliding Dooras well asSensor Door Systemproviderwill help you obtaintheideal gatefor your property based onyour budget and requirements.

Here are somebenefitsof installingsliding doors with auto-slidingorswing gates.

  • Convenience

Automated gatesare extremely popularbecause of their efficiency.They do not require youtoleaveyourcarjust to close or unlock the gate.The gate will operateautomatically with the help ofsoftware programs.You do not needto be mindful to closethe gateeverytime you enterthe property.It will close automatically onceyour vehicle is inside.

  • Ensure Higher Security

If you want to choosea higher level ofsecurity,you must considermodern technologies. Auto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gatemanufactures designandbuildthese systems by making useadvanced technology to guaranteethe flawless security ofyour assets and properties.Features like automated locks andsafety beams that are integrated are extremelyefficient features inthese gates.These gates are extremely securewhen compared to themanual security offered by traditional safetyalternatives.

  • Enjoy More Durability

Modern sliding gateshave been designed and builtto withstand regulardamage and wear.Innovative technologies are usedto ensure that they’re durablesufficient for long-term use. They arebuilt to offertop-quality functionality for the longestamount of time.

Enhance Visual Appeal

Whether it is your residentialproperty or commercial beautiful and elegant automaticsliding doorswill always enhancethecurb appealof thesame.YourAuto Sliding Gate and Auto Swing Gate Manufacturercan create custom gatesin line with your designandsize preferences.

SRTEC Automation offers a widerange of automatic gates,sliding doors, and various other typesofindustrial and commercialentrances. Wewill provide you withtheproper style, dimensionanddesign according toyour choice. Our productsguaranteeyour safety and securityyourpremises.They’re strong, durable attractive and reliable.

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